A daily webcomic about our guinea pigs.



   During the Covid-19 lockdown, I became responsible for creating a daily schedule for my kids' schoolwork and other activities. Our happy, little pet guinea pigs hadn't been getting the floor time and attention they needed during the regular school year because we were all so busy, so I decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to correct that. I added Guinea Pig Floor Time as a daily activity.

   It started with little guinea pig icons I found online. I would put them next to the schedule item just for fun. Then I progressed to googling for guinea pig related web comics. That carried me a couple of weeks, but I quickly ran out of new content. So I finally decided to start creating a comic of my own, about our very own, little, furry friends.

   Once I had several months worth of daily comics in my collection, I decided to take them to the internet. And here they are! As I have quite a collection, I am posting a new comic every day to this site. My children have already seen the next several months of comics, and still get a new one every day to read before they start their day of school.

The real Guinea (left) and Fuzzy (right)
on an outdoor adventure.

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