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Monday, January 10, 2022
Bare Tummy

It wasn't until Guinea's second trip to the specialist, actually, but they wanted to upgrade from an x-ray to an ultrasound of his condition. He was a good pig, who was cooperative with the doctors. Again he was there for quite a while while they prepped, and he let them sedate him for the procedure. What none of us knew, but makes sense when you think about it, was that they were going to shave his fur on his underside! I suppose so they could get better contact with the ultrasound.

We didn't even notice until later after we were home and we picked him up to feed him medicine. We felt the bare skin when we lifted him up. He was embarrassed to let us see, so we tried to keep it covered for him and he felt better. He loved his cowlicks! Luckily they grew back quickly.



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